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Social Media Is All We Do

Our Services

WannaBeeSocial is like no other search engine optimization company. It is a leading internet marketing firm, offering clients a solid presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channels, and DIGG, amongst others.
We help cross-pollinate your brand and products in most social media networks. In other words, we tailor business custom solutions for our clients’ specific needs.
Our social media experts not only manage your social media sites, they also:
Help you establish a plan that can achieve the desired results;
Suggest the platforms that better fit your business needs;
Make your company highly visible on the internet by using “Key Words” that guarantee an immediate access to it; and
Listen and answer any inquiries from clients to obtain a more realistic feedback from your business.
Social Media marketing can become a very powerful tool for your business, but only if managed by experts and done properly. So, if you are ready… join the HIVE and become a BEE.

A blog is an on-line journal where people can post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies. Postings on a blog are usually in reverse chronological order.
At WannaBeeSocial we are fully committed to our clients by creating new articles and blogs about their businesses. Each week we post articles that we know will get the attention of fans and potential costumers, without forgetting interpersonal communication with each fan.
Also, our editorials, groups, and bloggers will work exhaustively to show your business marketing strategies in all social media circles with one sole purpose, to make your business a talented success story for years to come.

Unlike others, WannaBeeSocial keeps internet marketing away from our “Events” (short-term interactions with people and attractions).
The “HIVE” designs social media marketing campaigns in short periods of time. An example of this could be a one week effort to sell all the remaining tickets for an event.

Have you ever been in a situation where your boss asks you about new challenges for the company?
The fact that social media is a reality, and growing at the speed of light, is something all businesses must know and understand. Questions such as where do you start, or which media sites your company must be present at, are typical questions our WannaBeeSocial experts will help you solve.
WannaBeeSocial offers you and your business consulting services by introducing people into your business, and involving them in social media groups.
Senior consultants deliver answers to you. They’ll show you where to post your business and what technology information to use (such as Raven, Compendium, Shoutlet, Semrush, etc.), in order to keep a successful social media management.


Social Media Consultant Luis Cruz

Information Technologies:
With a long career at Hewlett Packard and GBM, Luis not only joined our team as a manager partner, but also as our head chief of technology for our bloggers and staff. Luis is in the best position to make your company a leader edge in the applications and mix environments to manage all your social media sites as well as techniques for SEO driving.
» See more of Luis’s Bio at Linked in


Social Media Consultant Alberto Alfaro

Social Media Marketing:
Alberto is one of our expertise entrepreneurs. Alberto worked for Social Box, a social media company in Costa Rica. He is willing to help you develop an attractive site for your company, to help you launch a social media marketing strategy according to your needs, and suggest you the best option sites for your company.
» See more of Alberto’s Bio at Linked in

Do you feel you need to know more about the latest trends of social media marketing and technologies, but don’t have enough time to attend a classroom?
At WannaBeeSocial we completely understand you. That is why we are offering you an annual subscription to our monthly webinars for you to listen where the next big hit will land.
Join our webinars on itunes, or download them from our site. You can listen to them wherever you are, and we guarantee that you’ll find all the necessary information you are looking for.
Check the webinars and join the “HIVE” to become one more Bee in our world.

At WannaBeeSocial we have generated a Cross-Pollination concept. In other words, we help individuals and companies exchange information with others to form a joint venture in social networks.
Our experts will help your potential costumers understand everything they need to know about your business and the quality of your products. Each week, social media experts will post different social media articles in the different social engines chosen, in order to promote your business strengths and strategies. After all, WannaBeeSocial experts want to make sure your business becomes a top competitor in the market.

Online Reputation Management iis a very labor intensive process. Any approach that can be considered as subtle and to really see an improvement and effective can take time, at least three months, before any results are really seen. This includes many different strategies, which include social media such as
Blogging – Everyday Blog Updates
Directory listings – Listing websites in web directories with specific keywords.
Direct reviews – Blog for you in websites to talk positive about your brand.
Online publicity – Have article writing syndicated and multiple landing pages.
Social networking – Posting Pages, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, My Space etc..
Every plan should define reputation management, but it should also be unique to your business. What works for one company may not work for a different one, so be sure to keep your mind open, and accept that with a customized plan of attack, your reputation management will take some time to come to fruition. Let WannaBeeSocial take action and get control over your brand reputation.
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